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Producer of food packaging ZPH Technoplast

Both producers of a given product and their consumers want a particular product to be packed aesthetically, comfortably and with respect to the environment. Increasing environmental awareness allows us to offer durable, ecological paper bags. They can be used variously in most popular industries using food packaging. Depending on your needs, we can prepare pre-printed packaging, eco-folded bags, as well as bags with transparent window which perfectly fulfill their function as a disposable food packaging.

Our products will work perfectly as packaging for:

  • Catering
  • Confectionary (i.e. cakes and donuts)
  • Gastronomy
  • Bakery (bread and other baked goods)

As a food packaging manufacturer, we listen to the needs of our clients. We give access to a wide range of solutions on a various stage of product design - starting with thickness of the paper packages (30-90 g/m), through their dimensions and ending with the type of the used material (color, properties, resistance). We cordially invite you to cooperation - we value one-time orders and long - term business partnership the same way.

Technical Data


Kraft papers white, brown, PE coated, waterproof, greaseproof


30 g/m - 90g/m depending on the application


Flexographic printing up to 3 colors all over the surface. Standard or custom - according to approved project


A width: 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 280 mm
B length: 200, 240, 290, 330, 410, 490, 590, 670 mm
C lateral fold: 40-90 mm

Our Projects

torebka biała nadruk standard
torebka brazowa nadruk bulka tarta
torebka nadruk standard alkohol
torebka brazowa nadruk ogloszenia
torebka biała nadruk firmowy
torebka biała nadruk indywidualny
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