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A large group of our contractors consist of companies which pack their products themselves with usage of the flowpack machines. We supply such customers with highest quality laminates and foils with or without the overprints. We are able to produce both two-layer and three-layer laminates as well as specialized foil monophones with overprinting for food packaging. Packaging food at the customer's plant is a challenge in terms of choosing the right raw materials and proper technology to meet the product's requirements.
As a manufacturer of laminates and printed foils we are able to offer a wide range of products. We also have the necessary knowledge to make the custom packaging tailored to the need of the packaged products, ensure constant highest quality of our products, repeatability with every delivery and to keep the short delivery time.

Technical Data


zimowa Winter mrożenie Deep-freezing

CPP, BOPP, PE, PET, ALU (matt, metallized, white)


depending on the application


Flexographing printing up to 8 colors all over the surface according to approved project, also in flexo HD technology


Width - Any dimension, Warp diameter - according to customer needs, Core - according to customer needs

Our Projects

laminat folia metalizowana
laminat metalizowany nadruk indywidualny
laminat na chipsy nadruk indywidualny
monofolia matowa
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